A Beautiful Mess

This website was started because of one person, my brother Matt Luecking.  He was the one who often used the phrase Blessed For Another Day in posting positive messages on his social media accounts.  His posts were to be forever silenced on October 24, 2016, after he was murdered – alone in his apartment while he slept.

Fortunately, many others have carried on the hashtag for #blessedforanotherday in his honor over these last 4 years.

I don’t hide from my feelings, nor do I hide them from others.  While I take no pleasure in hurting or see others hurt, I’m still encouraged seeing his friends continue to share their version of that day of hearing the news and the way it broke them.  I’ve heard stories of grown men falling to the floor and sobbing.  I know I fell apart later that night after that long day, mumbling to my wife in some incoherent voice while the pain ran down my face.  All these years later, I still cry because that sorrow never, ever goes away.

Too often people feel that it’s a sign of weakness to cry in front of others or even share that they did behind closed doors.  It’s not.  It shows you’re human.  That someone meant the world to you and you’re not afraid to show it.  To anyone brave enough to share those stories and break that stereotype of weakness, thank you.  You’re one of my heroes.

I love this song title, “A Beautiful Mess.”  It describes love and life succinctly, perfectly in three words.